Aric Schreiner CPA, PFS, CTC

Aric-Shriner“What a bargain we offer our clients as proactive tax planners. First, we save our clients precious tax dollars by knowing the tax code (instead of being like Mrs. Smith’s CPA who discouraged her from taking legal deductions) and designing a personalized tax plan to fit their situation. Second, if they do get audited, we handle that potentially traumatic confrontation for them. I am so thankful to you for helping me make the transition from being a slave to my tax practice to an elite, proactive, highly paid tax planner. I may be slow but I am moving in the right direction. I sold another level one tax plan yesterday. And I am really impressed by the care and concern that the Certified Tax Coach leadership have for the CTC members and that the CTC members have for each other. This is a great network! It is like a second family. Everyone I spoke with was willing to tell me what is working for them and how CTC has helped them transform their businesses. Thanks for all you do and for your genuine concern.”

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