L. Duane Allen, CPA, CTC

"Most valuable for me was finding solutions for my clients, and value for my clients — so they'll be happy with my fees. "I can see now that all the time and research and effort I put into my work for my clients is worth more than I'm currently charging." … [Read more...]

Drew Foster

"The networking and interaction were the most valuable part of the CTC course. From the start of the class we were getting valuable questions answered by both the attendees and Dominique and Ed. That being said, though, the content was worth the money alone." … [Read more...]

Kim Bey, CPA, CTC

"I am very happy with my decision to join Press Club and Certified Tax Coach. When I was in New Orleans [for SuperTable 2010], I knew this is what I have been looking for — having the knowledge and tools to help clients keep more of what they earn through proactive tax planning! I love the game of tax planning, it is so much fun yet financially rewarding. Thank you for creating such an awesome product and your continued support." … [Read more...]

John Shipley

"Thanks for putting on a great event! As I was driving home from the event on last Friday one of my favorite Eagles songs, “Already Gone”, came on the radio. There’s a line in the song - “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.” What a great analogy (metaphor?)  for us.   CTC is the key to escaping the chains of an  unfulfilling business .  Anyone that didn’t attend  this event really missed out." … [Read more...]

Eric Burstock

"I found Dominique Molina and Ed Lyon to be extremely committed to the CTC program. Their enthusiasm and professionalism really stood out. They clearly will do everything humanly possible to help you succeed. First class organization." … [Read more...]

Joe Morelli

"This was terrific! Most academies are simply a play to get you in the door to buy more products. CTC academy actually gives tools, techniques, and strategy to be a successful Certified Tax Coach!" … [Read more...]

Larry Weinstein

"I was honestly a bit skeptical before coming but it totally surpassed my expectations. I believe you seriously “under-sell” the value you provide. I have been a CPA since 1987 and have been looking for this training without the success until now. Thanks Dominique and Ed." … [Read more...]