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NEW Tax Law Changes Are Here!

And, there are Hidden Profits Centers within the tax law you need to know for your clients.

But, the impending doom of your tax season schedule is about to take all your time.

I can help with both.

Hi, my name is Dominique Molina, founder of the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches.

I dreaded the impending doom of tax season for nearly a decade. I found the knot in my stomach growing with thoughts of my tax season schedule crushing me and missing time with family and friends.

I thought there was no escape from the hundreds of tax returns, extensions and other filings that HAD TO BE DONE ON TIME.

I was trading time for money and became a slave to the life of being a tax accountant.

If you’re like most tax professionals, you may be thinking it would be impossible to experience tax season any other way.

After all, the work has to be done, right?

I thought so too…until I discovered a better system.

If you’re tired of suffering through tax season, and you want to avoid the pressure, stress, long hours, and being locked away for 3-months – you need to become a Certified Tax Coach.

And, I will show you how to unlock the Hidden Profits Centers for your clients using New Tax Law changes.

I can help you if you’re serious about changing your schedule and your crazy workload once and for all.

Please Note:

This is a premier, elite level certification Academy…and it often fills up. We are NOT churning a high volume of people through a cookie cutter program. Each Academy, as well as the continuing education and ongoing support we provide, take a lot of my personal time to ensure each of our new Coaches are properly equipped to deliver incredible result outcomes. Because of this, it will likely be 6-months or longer before I open up our Academy again due to the surge of new Coaches who come into our program following each Academy. Now is the time to register.

Immediate 445% Return on Investment From Your Registration

Your registration will deliver $13,620 of immediate value to you and your practice.

Here’s how:

  • Initial Certification Academy (24 CPE hours) get immediate access to over 100 hours of self-study online tax planning courses within our Online Academy PLUS secure your reserved seat at our next in-person Live Academy. Our Live Academys sell out fast so register now to reserve your seat.
  • Quickly master the New Tax Law changes and how to unlock the Hidden Profit Centers for your clients
  • Learn our 6 Money Maker Strategies that will increase the profit of your practice by 100 percent
  • Learn cutting edge tax strategies that will slash a client’s taxes by $15,000 to $100,000 per year
  • Learn a step-by-step approach to charging an average of $15,000 in annual fees per client
  • Get leads from prospective clients delivered right to your email Inbox
  • Begin using the CTC™ logo and your certification designation
  • Use our online toolbox of pre-designed forms, templates, checklists, practice aids, contracts, and engagement letters to quickly convert leads into lucrative engagements
  • Get free admission to our 2-day Certified Tax Coach national membership appreciation event
  • Get annual license to our True Tax Planner™ Tax Builder software
  • Earn an additional 12 hours of ongoing CPE hours in tax planning strategies
  • Learn proven steps and best practices to build a Championship Team catapulting your practice to the next level – and we’ll help you build your team by giving you instant access to our member-only message boards for masterminding, one-on-one discussions, questions, and idea exchange with over 230 Certified Tax Coaches across the country
  • Get our Certified Tax Coach textbook Year Round Guide to Proactive Tax Planning Strategies
  • Get our monthly Case Study Tax Research Meetings and tax planning newsletter, Tax Cents
  • Get access to done-for-you marketing materials including brochures, presentation materials, pamphlets, and email marketing campaigns
  • Receive affiliate discounts on practice management software, forms filing service, presentation materials, printing, and supplies
  • Get access to our CTC National Forum social media site
  • Receive personal support from me and my team of professionals