Reinvent Case Study: Christine Pavlik, CPA CTC

Christine Pavlik, originally enrolled in our online training program. Before becoming a Certified Tax Coach, Christine ran what most accountants would consider to be a successful tax practice. She serviced a nice client base and had built a solid reputation in her hometown of Elkton, Maryland. But she felt she had hit a ceiling in her earnings and had run into the “self-employment trap” many tax business owners experience. While her business had grown, Christine found herself so busy working as an employee in her own business, that she couldn’t take a step back and focus on growing her business or accomplishing her goals. She was so busy in fact, she didn’t have time to complete the online training! Several months later, she attended our live Academy in Chicago and was amazed at what she learned over the 3 day course. She credits the Certified Tax Coach program for giving her the tools and knowledge she needs to really build the dream business she wants.