3-Step Formula on How to Get Referrals

Last week I wrote about a magic three-step system for doubling your referrals. Why? Most tax business owners tell us that referrals are your single most important source of new clients. But, few of you make a point of asking for those referrals — effectively — and fewer still have systems in place for generating those all-important referred prospects. Since they still don’t teach how to get referrals in accountants continuing education, we’ll cover it here. Last week's article struck a … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Get More CPAs To Refer You


Financial advisors tend to see the relationship between advisors and CPAs as strategic, well-balanced and win-win. From your vantage point, you’re bringing value to the relationship by providing your services. And the CPA is bringing value to it when they refer you to their clients. Unfortunately, CPAs don’t usually see things the same way. The reality is, CPAs often view forming a professional relationship with a financial advisor to have little to no benefit to them. From their perspective, … [Read more...]