Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Certified Tax Coach to assist me with my taxes and financial planning?

Are you one of the millions of American taxpayers overpaying the IRS and overlooking deductions year after year? How would you even know if you are? Certified Tax Coach’s tax professionals thoroughly examine each customer’s income and business options, then scour the tax code to rescue every deduction, tax advantage, and credit you could possibly qualify for. Our experts don’t settle for what you already are doing. They look for every savings you can actively and legally establish. The emphasis is on year-round proactive planning to ensure that clients can utilize every available loophole and savings opportunity possible.

How is a Certified Tax Coach different than a standard Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Enrolled Agent (EA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), or other financial service provider?

CPA and EA are professional education designations in accounting and tax preparation that allow them to represent you to the IRS. In addition to holding these standard certifications and tax degrees, Certified Tax Coaches are required to complete comprehensive education focusing on long-term, high-impact proactive tax planning strategies. Certified Tax Coaches are also required to adhere to the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches Code of Ethics which provides assurance that the strategies and ideas used to create your plan are up-to-date with the latest tax code changes and always stay within the boundaries of the law. The AICTP upholds a strict Code of Ethics to ensure the highest standards of integrity and excellence among its members.

But I already have a tax preparer.  Isn’t that enough? 

When you work with a Certified Tax Coach, you get more than just a tax return.  You get a team of strategists to help ensure you are paying the least amount of taxes legally allowed by developing a customized strategy to take advantage of every available break. Then, they assist you in making the changes you need to take advantage of those savings opportunites. Your current tax advisor may “say” they do tax planning, but most are simply looking for what you already qualify for, not all the ones you are missing!

How could I benefit specifically from access to a Certified Tax Coach?

Certified Tax Coaches emphasize proactive methods and strategies. Unlike ordinary tax professionals, Certified Tax Coaches do not simply record a client’s history – they work to create a history and expert tax profile in order to present new opportunities for tax savings. If you are a business owner,  own real estate, or manage your own investments, you are most likely missing out on opportunities to use these opportunities as tax breaks. Certified Tax Coaches can also assist you in choosing investments that reward you with increasing tax savings. Each Certified Tax Coach works to purposefully design the most tax-efficient portfolio for you.

How do I contact and choose my Certified Tax Coach?

Certified Tax Coaches are located across the United States.  To find the right advisor for you, enter your zip code in the search directory above or click here for a listing of our featured coaches. Keep in mind, the right advisor for you may not be located in your neighborhood, but with phone fax and email, lower taxes are just a phone call away!  Dial 888-5-TAXPLAN for assistance finding an advisor, email us or submit a message to us directly by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of our website and fill out your contact information and a brief message of your inquiries for a call back today.

After creating a Proactive Tax Strategy, what else will my Certified Tax Coach do for me? 

The best results come from building strong relationships with your Certified Tax Coach so that you benefit from their years of training and experience.

Tax Maintenance Programs

When you work with a Certified Tax Coach, you aren’t just getting a tax return at the end of the year.  That’s why each tax return prepared by a CTC comes complete with a tax maintenance program.

Tax maintenance programs are designed to give you ready access to a Certified Tax Coach.  We’re there for you when you need us!  This enables you to experience the least amount of tax liability each year and continually evaluate your situation as you work your way toward achieving your goals.  Our programs were created to provide consistent, regular coaching to help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them.  You have a trusted business advisor to answer any financial questions that may come up.  Best of all, we highlight areas in which you are doing well and those that need improvement.  You will receive the accountability you need to see your dreams come true!