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The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners teaches tax professionals and attorneys how to use
proven tax planning strategies to reduce their client’s taxes to a 10% rate or less.

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Say goodbye to the tax prep grind and commodity pricing by creating
more value for your clients.

Stop trading hours for dollars!

Many tax professionals are trapped into working more than
70 hours a week during tax season and are underutilized the
rest of the year. Because tax preparation is treated like a
commodity, it’s hard to charge premium prices.

The ability to do tax planning
makes you more valuable
to your clients.

The typical tax professional is reactive, tracking client
expenditures to help them claim the tax deductions they
already qualify for. A tax planner is proactive, strategically
working with his or her clients so they can be eligible for more
of the 400 tax deductions allowed by the U.S. tax code. A tax
planner can save his or her clients thousands of dollars, and
clients will pay more to learn about these strategies! The average tax fees per client may increase to $15,000 or more each year.

Becoming a Certified Tax Planner sets you apart.

The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners is the only program providing hands-on training in selling, delivering, and implementing the kind of high-level, proactive tax planning strategies that are worth thousands to clients. Now you can bring the same level of sophisticated savings achieved by Fortune 500 companies to YOUR clients. You’ll also be joining an elite group of professionals––not everyone who applies is qualified to receive CTP certification.

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Becoming a Certified Tax Planner
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Complete your minimum learning requirements to begin your apprenticeship as a Certified Tax Coach by attending our Academy and completing your online training.

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Once you meet the learning and experience requirements over 12 months, you can become a Certified Tax Planner!

*Available to licensed CPAs, EAs and Tax Attorneys.

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