How to JV With AICTP

Dear Consultant, We regularly get dozens of affiliate and joint venture invitations, and I am honored to partner with people to spread the CTC message and encourage more tax advisors to work proactively while becoming certified in tax planning. Most of the proposals I receive, are not a good fit for the vision of our organization. If you are interested in working with us as a JV or affiliate partner, please read the following guidelines about how we identify and select opportunities. If you feel that your idea or connections make you uniquely qualified using the guidelines below, we would love to hear from you! Please be sure you are fully aware of the depth of our programs. Often we are offering something similar to those that are applying for an affiliate position. To Your Success, Dominique Molina
General Guidelines
  • You must come from a place of service. We are a non profit organization. If you aren’t interested in doing the most you can to work for this cause, it just isn’t a good fit!
  • If your only relationship with CTC is as an affiliate, you do NOT gain access to the program, tools, training, software or other events. These valuable resources are reserved for our paying members only. If you feel you cannot promote the program without experiencing the process, become a member! It’s the best way to see what all the fuss is about!
Our Joint Venture and Affiliate Selection Criteria To be considered for a joint venture project, your proposal must be a Win-Win-Win! That is, a win for you, a win for us, and a win for our members. Sure passive commission income is nice, but that is just a start. We are really after growth potential beyond just a commission check. Likewise, with affiliate relationships, we’re looking for promotion partners whose missions are aligned with the CTC vision, mission, and values. We’d rather forego new membership opportunities than have someone who promotes contradictory products and services. Our best members are CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and attorneys who focus on estate or tax planning. If you are the owner of a large mailing list (greater than 5,000) targeting this same group, we’d love to connect to discuss opportunities to work together. We love connecting with innovators and seeing new technology that helps tax businesses grow. We are not interested in promoting products related to value billing, high-volume tax work, “get rich quick schemes”, or tax strategies that are not yet court tested or issued a Private Letter Ruling. You may have a great business or service, but we are not the right partner to promote it. We can provide speakers for many interviews and engagements. If you are specifically looking to book Dominique Molina, we must be highly selective due to time constraints. If you wish to book Dominique for an appearance, a live audience must be at least 100 people and over 5,000 for pre-recorded interviews. If you have a physical product you would like Dominique Molina to review or endorse, you may request our mailing address to send it to. Please, note: endorsements are not guaranteed. Your product must fit our criteria and be of high quality for us to consider endorsing it. When making a proposal, tell us about the biggest benefit of working with you at the very top of your material. Due to time constraints, we don’t have time to read lengthy descriptions.

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Become an Affiliate or JV Partner