How To Stop Stressing At Tax Time

Do you ever wish your clients were more organized? Imagine if every time you need a document, your clients were able to share it with you in a matter of minutes—regardless of if they took your call from home, the car, the office or even when they’re on vacation in Aruba! And think on this: What if every time your clients needed a copy of a W-2 form or an old tax return you could share it with them in a flash? Sound too good to be true? Read on… Tax season is stressful in and of itself. Throw … [Read more...]

How To Help CPA’s Stop Stressing At Tax Time

As a Financial Advisor, you know how it works. Relationships are everything. And relationships are built over time between people that support each other. Take CPAs for example. When you get in the habit of sending referrals and helpful insights to a select number of CPAs that you’re building a relationship with, you’re going to get noticed. And in turn, the likelihood of them directing referrals to you increases ten-fold. We all know tax time is stressful. Especially for CPAs that have … [Read more...]

Why Your Database Is Your Most Powerful Asset

As the old saying goes, it takes money to make money. Sure, your small business owner clients can bootstrap their new business to a certain extent. However, when it's time to scale and make substantial investments in property and/or personnel, in most cases, outside capital has to be acquired. And truth be told, many of the entrepreneurs you know simply don’t know how to get their hands on the capital they need. On the flip side, investors are always looking for ways to grow their portfolio. … [Read more...]

A New Twist On Your Old Connections

Professional investors are always on the lookout for opportunities to expand their wealth by providing the capital growing businesses need in exchange for equity. And chances are, given what you do as an Advisor, you know more than a few investors. Meanwhile, the CPA’s you’re trying to strengthen your relationships with are often the first people to find out that a company on the move is seeking investors. Do you smell synergy? We do. Here’s the deal: When you make a point to establish … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Decrease Business Expenses

The clarity and direction you derive from analyzing financial statements is powerful. The problem is, most small business owners struggle to make any sense out of these documents.  Profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow projections…oh my! It’s all so confusing—especially to the right-brained side of the entrepreneurial world that would rather do anything EXCEPT analyze numbers! This is where you come in. Your number-crunching ninja powers are something most of your clients … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Decrease Business Expenses

The clarity and direction CPA’s derive from analyzing financial statements is powerful. Their ninja number-crunching skills are something many of your entrepreneurial clients simply don’t have. If you don’t shine in this area yourself, consider this your lucky day. You’ve just identified a new way to build win-win relationships with the clients you love and the CPAs that you want to love you. How? Well, keep reading… Here’s the bottom line. When you share your client’s financial statements … [Read more...]

Must-Have Marketing Resources

You may not realize this, but unlike a lot of financial advisors like yourself, most CPA’s we talk with absolutely HATE marketing. They see it as time-consuming, confusing, expensive and often, difficult to quantify—and that’s exactly why it never ranks a spot on their top ten list of “favorite things to do.” The problem is, marketing is an essential component of every business success story. It’s next to impossible to build a thriving business without some form of it.  After all, if you … [Read more...]

Must-Have Marketing Resources

If you’re like a lot of CPA’s we talk with, you hate marketing. Often seen as time-consuming, confusing, expensive and often, difficult to quantify—it really struggles to rank a spot on your top ten list of “favorite things to do.” The problem is, marketing is an essential component of your business success story. You really cannot build a thriving business without it.  After all, if you don’t control the way your business shows up in the marketplace, someone else will. And considering the … [Read more...]

How To Get “In” With Any CPA

One of the most effective ways to attract affluent entrepreneurs into your business is to partner with the CPA’s that are already serving them. However, if you’ve tried to this before, you may have realized, it’s not as easy as it looks. Many CPA’s simply don’t see a benefit to aligning with financial advisors. The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay like this. One sure fire way to get “in” with a CPA is to help them be of better service to their entrepreneurial clients.  You can do that by … [Read more...]

Four Ways To Increase Cashflow In A Business

Do you know, I mean really, really know what worries your entrepreneurial clients more than anything else? No, it’s not their competitors. Nor is it staffing. Or operations or many of the other things you may have thought about. The #1 thing that keeps entrepreneurs up at night is money. They’re worried sick that they simply won’t have enough money to make payroll, pay their vendors, cover the rent and in some cases, continue to keep the doors open. They need cash to grow their business … [Read more...]