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Get Paid What You’re Worth

Can’t survive on tax prep alone? Are you working your fingers to the bone because you can’t make a living doing only standard tax preparation? The solution to growing a healthy practice lies in mastering the art of getting paid for your expertise. This book will allow you to focus on high value tax planning concepts and strategies. Most small business accountants find themselves on an endless hamster wheel of servicing many clients at low “industry rates” all in an effort to earn the kind of income that owning an accounting firm is supposed to bring. In this easy-to-read tax practice guide, you’ll learn how to price your services by highlighting your expertise. You’ll learn how to use tax planning as a lead for attracting new clients paying premium fees, breathe new life into your existing book of business, and create client loyalty by reinforcing your value.

Thinking Outside the Tax Box – Legal Tax Loopholes for Your Small Business

The secret to saving is Thinking Outside the Tax Box. You have to move beyond the safe, straightforward techniques you have always used if you want extraordinary results. Don’t be afraid to change your strategy. Instead of simply filing your taxes every year, try a proactive approach. Plan ahead to ensure you take advantage of every single savings opportunity. Experts in tax planning know how to minimize your tax liability by leveraging credits, deductions and loopholes to keep your expense low. They stay up to date with the nuances of tax law so you get every bit of savings you are entitled to, and they share that knowledge with you here. Don’t let excessive taxes chip away at your wealth. Explore the tax reduction benefits of proactive tax planning with 16 of America’s top Certified Tax Coaches.

Write Offs to the Rescue!

If you want to pay less in taxes, this book could be a lifesaver. $15,000. That’s the average amount businesses overpay their taxes every year. How can you pay less on your taxes? Be proactive and start tax planning instead of tax filing. If you plan ahead, you can use the tax code to your advantage to reduce your taxes. Take the plunge and discover the loopholes, deductions, and credits that only the savviest tax planners know about. With a little planning, you can transform ordinary spending into tax savings. This book includes up-to-the-minute information on the most recent tax reforms.

The Great Tax Escape

DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND WITH THE NEW TAX CODE! Order your copy today and say good-bye to your overwhelming tax bills. What’s the secret? Tax planning instead of tax filing. If you’re proactive about seeking tax deductions, you can use the tax code to your advantage to reduce your taxes. Inside you’ll Learn about dozens of loopholes, deductions, and credits that you’ve never heard of before from America’s Top Certified Tax Coaches. With the right knowledge, a little planning and upfront work, you can transform ordinary spending into tax savings.

You Can Deduct That?

What do you mean, I can deduct that? Discover the little known strategies that can help slash your tax bill. America’s Top Certified Tax Coaches can teach you how to reduce your tax payments. How to structure your retirement portfolio to maximize tax savings and much more!

Extreme Staff Makeover

The future of your dream tax business depends on your ability to attract, manage, and retain the very best talent in the industry. For the first time, you, the tax business owner, can have a resource and step-by-step plan that will guide you through the challenges of getting the very best in the business on your team! Learn proven methods of not only attracting the top industry talent, but getting your team to do what you really want them to! This book is your key to:

  • Gain the freedom that owning a tax business is supposed to bring you by systematizing your tax business
  • Save yourself from an employment lawsuit waiting to happen
  • Secrets to measuring staff performance and taking control of your office before IT controls YOU!
  • How to attract the top talent in the tax industry (even on a shoestring budget!)
  • The #1 key to finding, hiring, and keeping stars for your business
  • The top SECRETS to get your staff to do what you REALLY want