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Tax Credits 101: Finding the Hidden Treasure Chest of Tax Savings

“Don’t leave money on the table.” That could be an axiom for taxpayers everywhere. Yet every year countless taxpayers overlook money-saving opportunities in the form of tax credits.  Claiming tax credits is a surprisingly underutilized strategy. Currently, there are over 1200 different tax credits available, and unlike tax deductions, these

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Timing is Everything: Strategies to Lower Your Capital Gains Tax

Timing is the key to long-term investment success, especially because timing can have a dramatic impact on tax consequences for investment activities. If your investment is successful, at some point you will have to pay taxes on any capital gains—the profit you make from selling a property or investment. Appreciation

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Section 174 and R&E – Uncertainty and Questions

By Kevin Zolriasatain, Principal of KBKG Many businesses, small and large, rely on research and development to improve their offerings, compete with international markets, and increase profits. The implications of recent changes to section 174 and no movement from Congress have left many business owners unsure of how to move

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Oil and Gas: Where is the opportunity?

By Chase Ravsten, Vice President of Vistia Capital Investing in oil and gas can offer potential advantages: Oil and gas are still a staple of energy and production here in the United States and in most of the countries across the world. Many think we must have significant land with

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