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Meet Your Local PVA!

Somewhere within your county, likely at this very moment, a Property Valuation Assessor (PVA) is determining the value of a specific piece of property. Who is your PVA? What is their role? And why does it matter? If you familiarize yourself with your local PVA, you can potentially realize significant

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Real Property Tax Basics

Property tax is one of our country’s oldest taxes; it was even established prior to federal income tax. As far back as the founding of the United States of America, property taxes were assessed on colonists who were settling this country. Property tax is (and has been) one of the

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Forgivable Expenses

Good news on forgivable expenses! There is a lot more that is eligible for forgiveness, and not just for new loans. The expanded categories apply retroactively to initial loans, as long as the taxpayer (the borrower) has not already applied for forgiveness. Let’s start with payroll costs. Under the old

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4 Ways to Reduce Taxes on Foreign Earned Income

If you have a client who is an expat working in a foreign country, or if your client is a foreign national living in the U.S. but with income from a foreign country, they are required to file U.S. tax returns. On the upside, there is a good chance they

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The Hazards of Selling to a Related Party

You may have a client who comes to you with a “great idea” to sell their property to a family member at a loss in order to get a juicy tax deduction. Your client may ask the family member to resell it to them later, or maybe your client plans

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