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Taking Advantage of Passive Losses

Over the last two weeks we have outlined a strategy to intentionally fail the test for material participation, for purposes of converting non-passive income to passive income. Why might we want to do that? The first and most obvious reason is to save self-employment tax. A second reason you might

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Forgivable Expenses

Good news on forgivable expenses! There is a lot more that is eligible for forgiveness, and not just for new loans. The expanded categories apply retroactively to initial loans, as long as the taxpayer (the borrower) has not already applied for forgiveness. Let’s start with payroll costs. Under the old

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PPP Forgiveness

Although the focus of this post is PPP forgiveness, the loan itself is a great deal. The payment terms are phenomenal, and it can be essential to helping people get back on their feet. So even if you have clients that don’t qualify for 100% forgiveness, the interest rate is

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