Task Tracking- Improving Workflow

Task Tracking Any successful accounting firm is built on the effectiveness of its time and billing process. Tracking tasks is the most pertinent step in this process. There are times when it’s difficult to see the importance of tracking everything that goes on in the office. Task tracking may even seem like micro-managing but there is a purpose to tracking what owners and staff spend their time on. We often marginalize what we spend our time on and tout, "I value bill everything, I … [Read more...]

Business to Business Referrals

Midyear Strategies for Gaining Business to Business Referrals We’ve presented over the last 2 weeks how you can use a secret formula for increasing your referrals and using stories that leave your audience begging for more.  Now it’s time to wrap things up.  Since we seem to be on a magic formula kick, we’ll wrap this up with one more that you can use right now to turn mid-year reviews into business to business referrals.   Start by identifying an "A" client — one who energizes you … [Read more...]

Fall Classic Agenda

? Day One Newbies:  Orientation Day  If you’re new to TaxCoach, here’s an intensive one-day “boot camp” dedicated to marketing and fulfilling lucrative tax-planning engagements. You’ll learn:    Seven secrets to charging premium fees – and making them stick How to sell tax-planning services  How to deliver tax-planning services  How to build the business you’ve always wanted   CTC:  Annual Reunion  A special members only day to reunite with your peers from across the country for … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek – Gain Special Access. . . . .

Certified Tax Coach is offering a special sneak peek at our highly coveted membership program. In addition to two one-on-one personalized coaching sessions with the CTC founders, Ed & Dominique, you will also receive a guided tour through the specialized, high performance toolbox. SNEAK PEEK TOUR Week 1 - engaging the client in lucrative tax planning Week 2 - practice management tools to build your dream practice Week 3 - technical skills to build your dream practice Week 4 - … [Read more...]

Tax Freedom Day Fox News

In case you weren't aware, the average American will spend 102 days working to pay his 2011 tax bill. That makes April 12th, Tax Freedom Day. Americans have worked well over three months of the year before they have earned enough money to just to pay their taxes for 2011! Watch this news clip for more info to make YOUR tax freedom day earlier! … [Read more...]

The Practice You Want Starts Here

Learn about AICTC's advanced client service training that allows our Certified Tax Coaches to sell and fulfill high-dollar tax planning engagements. Watch the video to learn about the Academy and hear testimonials about the program. … [Read more...]