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Overview of the CTC HPA Advisor Training Program
There are 4 Parts to Our Program
Part 1 – Training for both Advisors and CPAs
It’s all about results!  
  • Come away understanding your specific income opportunities through expanding services to high net worth business owners
  • Gain the ability to determine the optimal role of a CPA as a part of a strong strategic alliance with you – how to identify the RIGHT FIT CPA and remove the greatest roadblocks to creating sustainable results
  • Master our proprietary step-by-step process to open joint cases, leveraging the CPA’s ability to create trust and credibility for the team and uncover surplus cash for investing
  • Bonus! The Compound Effect – discover special opportunities and resources to multiply your business results and capitalize on the tag team approach
Part 2 – Meet Qualified CPAs!
They Are Qualified  
We’ll introduce you to qualified CPAs who have passed our screening process and are genuinely interested in helping you grow your business with affluent business owners.
Part 3 – Developing Marketing Strategies for teams to follow with mutually targeted lists
Marketing Strategies For Team  
What’s the biggest thing necessary for people to give you their money? Trust! When advisors learn our “show me the money” sales and marketing strategies, they can remove fear, and replace it with trust in their new strategic planning team. This unique approach and done for you marketing tools and materials allow advisors to prove they can deliver results up front, prove their planning team is the right source for the job, and allow them to frame the offer as a complete win for the client. There simply is no other approach like it in the marketplace.
Part 4 – Farming for Leads
One of the most effective ways  
to add lucrative business owner clients to an advisory practice is through joint ventures with professional associations. Through its nonprofit work, The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches has developed many key relationships with national business associations. Through our speakers’ bureau, we cultivate and nurture leads hungry for planning teams’ services. Once linked to a tax planning team, participating advisors earn the opportunity to benefit from the Institute’s marketing efforts and alliances in their local areas to connect with high net-worth business owners ready to move forward with a plan.