“I would like to thank Ed, Dominique, and her team for the contribution of time and resources dedicated to helping me redefine my practice from debits and credits to dollars and cents. The experience was one of the best investments I have made in time and money over a 30-year career. The added bonus was sharing the enthusiasm and fun of the group, there was never a dull moment! For those hard working accountants that ever wonder how they got into this business, I suggest they set aside three days of their hectic life and attend your next event. As we like to say ‘bottom line’, the experience will help you understand what you have been doing wrong and clearly identify what you must do to fix it.”
— Ron Oddo, CTC, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have gained so much insight and look at tax planning in a totally different light because of all of you. Words can’t describe how excited I am about being a part of this program. I got tired of working a 9-5 and wanted something flexible where I could spend more time with my baby boy. It looks like the AICTC is helping me achieve that reality. I have also learned from a lot of you about the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of practice management. Thank you for that!”
— Shermicka Fraser, CTC, Charleston, SC

“I must say that this last week in San Diego was THE BEST decision I made to get my business going! I ended up driving 8 hours each way to get to the Live Academy as my plans kept changing on me. I’m so glad I did! The philosophy change in just a couple key areas has really shown me things that I was hoping I could do when I first headed down the path of taxes. I wish everyone great success that was in class with me. And if you haven’t been to a Live Academy, you better go the next time! So much great info learned all 3 days, especially on the breaks.”
— Shanti Hill, CTC, Sacramento, CA

“Here’s what I would say to other tax professionals who did not attend this LIVE academy. Go! It’s real! It really can help you change your practice. I can’t say enough great things about the academy. It was fantastic! It was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was well worth the 3,000-mile flight to get there. I am very excited about everything I learned and putting all things to use in my practice, as well as, finally charging what I am worth. Dominique and Ed were great hosts and it was a first class event from start to finish! I was also fortunate enough to meet some great people along the way! I would highly recommend going to a live academy if possible. Dominique, you’re a Rock Star!!!! You really do have a great thing going. I am looking forward to being part of this community.”
— Brian La Salle, CTC, RI

“I have to say this was by far the best business decision and investment ever made. I enjoyed the training and fellowship with everyone. Looking forward to my first year as a Certified Tax Coach!”
— Pamela Dill, CTC

“My name is Damian Duncan and I am glad to say that I am officially part of the CTC family. This was by far the BEST business trip that I have EVER taken. I plan on building GREAT Relationships here and selling a TON of Tax Plans. I just want to personally thank Dominique and Ed for not leaving any stones unturned for me. I m extremely EXCITED and locked and loaded.”
— Damian Duncan, CTC

“You are underserving your clients if you are not a CTC.”
— Rashad Blossom, CTC

“This is well worth the money, my practice will never be the same. Over the next 6 months I expect a change in my business which will complete transform it forever.”
— James Pippin, CTC

“Over the next 6 months I expect to see over $50,000 in new planning fees as a result of becoming a Certified Tax Coach. If you are a tax professional who does not attend, you are leaving money on the table!”
— Bill Cummings, CTC

“This is easily the best investment I have made into my practice. I expect increased revenue and reduced stress as a result of becoming a CTC.”
— Allen Hargis, CTC

“My biggest takeaway from this program is that I can transform my business. I do not have to kill myself anymore, I can increase sales a better way. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to not attend this academy. If you want to keep working crazy hours and be under paid, never take this course. This was the best money ever spent! Had a great three days! Made great friends and look forward to working with everyone at CTC.”
— Pat Kolodziej, CTC

“This is an extraordinary avenue to transform an existing tax practice and offer invaluable options to existing and prospective clients. This was an amazing event…it completely exceeded any expectations I could have had. Greatly appreciated patience and time that Dominique and Ed were willing to spend speaking with me and answering questions.”
-– Diana Castro, CTC, Ventura, CA

“Thanks again for going over the case I submitted last week for review during the case study call. I got the personal return, two S-corp returns and three good referrals in one follow up visit! He wants me to talk to the other four financial planners in his office and invited me to also be a presenter during their quarterly seminars…thank you, thank you, thank you!”
— Susan Hightower, CTC, Upper Marlboro, MD

“I have just finished letters to fire two “D” clients. It sure feels good knowing that we won’t have to deal with either of these people or their businesses again! Thanks CTC for talking about this topic and reminding us how important it is to get it done now and not wait until later. For those of you who did not attend the reunion, you missed a great discussion on firing those “D” clients.”
— Diane Gardner, Coeur D’Alene, ID

“You and the members of our CTC community have been such a welcome part of my practice and life. I would have never imagined the degree of genuine friendships and caring in addition to a wealth of experience and expertise could all be found inside one group that started out for me as a professional organization, but I now view more as ‘friends and family’. In January 2011 you personally welcomed me to AICTC and my practice began to transform immediately (and still continues to do so). 9 months later we were talking about a new book release and 1 year and 1 month from becoming a part of AICTC, I became a best-selling author. Now, some 21 months from when this all started, I have a capacity issue like never before.”
— Ron D’Arminio, CPA, CTC Randolph, NJ

“What a bargain we offer our clients as proactive tax planners. First, we save our clients precious tax dollars by knowing the tax code (instead of being like Mrs. Smith’s CPA who discouraged her from taking legal deductions) and designing a personalized tax plan to fit their situation. Second, if they do get audited, we handle that potentially traumatic confrontation for them. I am so thankful to you for helping me make the transition from being a slave to my tax practice to an elite, proactive, highly paid tax planner. I may be slow but I am moving in the right direction. I sold another level one tax plan yesterday. And I am really impressed by the care and concern that the Certified Tax Coach leadership have for the CTC members and that the CTC members have for each other. This is a great network! It is like a second family. Everyone I spoke with was willing to tell me what is working for them and how CTC has helped them transform their businesses. Thanks for all you do and for your genuine concern.”
— Aric Schreiner CPA, PFS, CTC, Columbia, MO

“This organization has changed my thought process and my practice. It’s a proactive approach to tax planning and teaches you that it’s important to work on tax strategies throughout the year. It also emphasizes that you provide value to your clients and that you should be compensated for that value. It’s not one of those cases where it sounds too good to be true. It really works and I’ve had amazing success.”
— Ronald Mermer, CPA CTC, Briarcliff Manor, NY

“Program was much more detailed and content rich than I ever imagined. I was honestly a bit skeptical before coming but it totally surpassed my expectations. I believe you seriously “under-sell” the value you provide. I have been a CPA since 1987 and have been looking for this training without the success until now. Thanks Dominique and Ed.”
— Larry Weinstein, CTC

“Dominique I really appreciate you taking the initiative to break new ground — you are leading the industry in a new direction. I wish you the best!”
— Jorge Garcia, EA, CTC™, San Diego, CA

“Great information and best of all was ‘A Process of Delivery’. The worst part about the weekend was it ended. Dominique, I have five tax planning engagements going on — various pricing, but all over $1,500 each. All because of you, so I personally want to thank you.”
— Chris Coggins, CTC™, Roseville, CA

“Last week I picked up 8 new clients, three of them $1-2MM AGI or more. Am I excited…? Are you kidding, YES! And it is a blast! A lot of work…but a blast!”
— Joseph Conrad, EA, CTC™, Renton, WA

“I just checked my Google Analytics, and traffic is being referred to me from the CTC™ website. Really enjoying CTC™, it is money well spent.”
— Scott Aber, CPA, CTC, New City, NY

“I completed my short sales presentation to 30+ real estate agents today. I used the technique taught by Ed and Dominique. My assistant filled all my available appointments! Plus a couple asked to see if I could find space elsewhere. Thanks again for all your help and setting up such a good program as CTC™.”
— Rick Lagomarsino, EA, CTC™, Rocklin, CA

“I am very happy with the selling and pricing techniques that I learned in the online academy. I liked the format and especially that it is available to go back and re-watch for future reference. CTC gave me the confidence and the system that I was lacking before, and I was able to close four tax planning clients literally the day after I completed my training. I closed two additional tax planning clients later that same week. These prospects were all in my pipeline before I attended the training, but I was on their waiting list. Now they are on mine! “I have also been able to charge them higher fees than I had previously quoted to them, and they have all accepted without a haggle. By putting this program together, you have given me the tools and know how that I need to build the practice I always wanted.”
— Robert Gambardella, CPA, CTC™, Shelton, CT

“The live academy was arguably the best education and training event that I’ve attended in my more than 20 year career. The system is well thought out from sales to analysis to delivery to retention, and it delivered real value.” — Scott Floersheim, CPA, CFP, CTC™, Albuquerque, NM

“I am watching the videos inside the online academy and they are great! I am really looking forward to the next live academy!”
— Ralf Heyer, EA, CTC™, Miami, FL

“I just wanted to thank you for the course, I thought it was excellent. I also wanted to tell you that I really liked your ideas on running a tax practice. Not only did I learn a lot regarding tax planning, but I came away with some ideas that I’m going to implement to improve my operations, too.”
— Thomas W. Thompson, EA, MST, CTC™, Tucson, AZ

“I just sold my first engagement for $5,000 and already realize that I charged far too little. Next time I will do better (next time will be next week!!!) I probably would not have charged anything for the analysis. That is how I had done it for the last 25 years. My husband was surprised and delighted! I have already changed my copy of the price list to start at $5,000 to $7,500 and higher.”
— Diane Porter, CPA, JD, CTC, Foley, AL

“Before all this mess in Washington, and me offering this service, I made sure clients always said ‘he’s good, but expensive’, now they are saying ‘he is AMAZING, but WOW is he expensive’. That is where I want to be in the marketplace.” — Dean Owen, CTC

“My approach was, you can pay me $5,000 or you can pay the government $22,000. The plan really sold itself. In the past, I would have picked-up the client for the $150 per month and made all of these recommendations for free. I really appreciated CTC and look forward to brainstorming with all the members.”
— Nancy Rayburn, CTC

“Thank you!! There’s no way I could do this on my own. I’m thankful that folks like you have the business you have to help people like me make more money and more important help my clients avoid overpaying taxes. You make me look good in the eyes of my clients. Again thank you.”
— Justin Irving, CTC

“I am very happy with my decision to join CTC. The live academy was exactly what I need to take my business to the next level and build my dream practice. I learned so much from the academy and am so excited about putting them to use and helping my clients saving lots of money and help me achieve my own goals, make a lot more money, work less hours, spend more time with my kids, and do more traveling, ballroom dancing, and community services. Thank you for creating such an awesome product and your continued support.”
— Kim Bey, CPA, CTC, Washington, DC

“Tools, knowledge, and ability to market skills necessary to offer the public great ways to save money (specifically taxes) in these tough times. This is all so appropriate for these times. I now have a roadmap for all aspects what a great feeling of knowing who I am and what I am all about. I look forward to our future success together.”
— Don McDonnell, CTC, Blue Bell, PA

“This was terrific! Most academies are simply a play to get you in the door to buy more products. The CTC academy actually gives tools, techniques, and strategy to be a successful Certified Tax Coach!”
— Joe Morelli, CTC, Woodbridge, VA

“This was the best investment in my business I have made. Thank You!”
— Daniel Greene, CTC, Temecula, CA

“I found Dominique Molina and Ed Lyon to be extremely committed to the CTC program. Their enthusiasm and professionalism really stood out. They clearly will do everything humanly possible to help you succeed. First class organization.”
— Eric Brustock, CTC, Winchester, VA

“Thanks for putting on a great event! As I was driving home from the event on last Friday one of my favorite Eagles songs, ‘Already Gone’, came on the radio. There’s a line in the song – ‘So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.’ What a great analogy (metaphor?) for us. CTC is the key to escaping the chains of an unfulfilling business. Anyone that didn’t attend the academy really missed out.”
— John Shipley, CPA, CTC, Fort Thomas, KY

“Instead of good idea per conference or per day – I got excellent ideas every 1-2 hours.”
— Wyatt Lewis, CTC, San Pedro, CA

“For over 20 years I have looked for something that distinguishes me apart from others in the tax field. CTC is the answer. CTC is the future of those in the tax industry that are serious about helping their clients.”
— Joe Cumley, CTC, Olathe, KS

“I am trying to sell the Client Protection Plan (Audit Plan) also — good response so far — sold one today — again THANK YOU.”
— Daniel Green, CPA, CTC, Temecula CA

“Everything I’ve spent on Certified Tax Coach — the upfront fee, the ongoing dues, etc. — is a fraction of what we’ve earned from learning the tax planning arena and selling tax planning services. The revenue jump has been incredible. It allows you to open up a whole new world with your clients. CTC was a good — correction — great investment — ROI through the roof. We are converting all clients to a monthly retainer package. I’m committed to building the practice that I want and dealing with clients I like. Thank you for opening my eyes.”
— Anthony Amatore, CPA, CTC, Youngstown, OH

“Just got my first tax plan sold today. Feels good. Thanks guys for all the tools and training you provide. Couldn’t do it without you. I am now on my way to building my dream practice (have other plans setup for this week and after the holiday). See you on the call tomorrow.”
— Brian Stovall, ATP CTC, Atlanta, GA

“The networking and interaction were the most valuable part of the CTC course. From the start of the class we were getting valuable questions answered by both the attendees and Dominique and Ed. That being said, though, the content was worth the money alone.”
— Drew Foster, IRS Solutions, Valencia, CA

“I appreciated every moment…both marketing strategies and case studies. It was also nice to meet my peers. I learned to market myself for what I am worth, schedule with pre-payment so I get paid for my work, and don’t give away information that I have paid to learn The live academy was well worth my time even after completing the online academy.”
— Wyatt Lewis, EA, CTCJ. W. Lewis Tax Service, LLC, San Pedro, CA

“Most valuable for me was finding solutions for my clients, and value for my clients — so they’ll be happy with my fees. I can see now that all the time and research and effort I put into my work for my clients is worth more than I’m currently charging.”
— L. Duane Allen, CPA, CTC™ Lubbock, TX

“Thank you for all your information, advice, patience, assistance, and everything you guys have done. I am constantly told by clients and referral sources, ‘No one else in the county has a firm like yours, or looks at businesses and taxes the way you do.’ It truly has been an amazing year, and while I have worked hard getting it there, it is from utilizing everything you guys have taught me. CTC academy has given me the tools and knowledge to use my existing knowledge and the software to really build the dream practice I want.”
— Christine Pavlik, CPA Elkton, MD

“Thank you — it’s a wonderful feeling being part of this group of elite proactive tax advisors. And thanks for opening my eyes to your methodology of income shifting. I was aware of Tax Planning but not to such an extent. I am glad that I joined! All the best.”
— Brian Goldglanz, EA, CTC™ New York, NY

“Although I had planned to complete the online academy over a couple of weeks, I found it interesting enough where I completed it over a weekend. I commend you and Ed on putting together the single most valuable accounting-related seminar that I have ever participated in.”
— Tom Panagiotou, TJP Financial, LLC Round Rock, TX

“I was able to deliver a tax plan proposal with a $20,000 planning fee, to a client referred to me by one of my existing clients. His records were so bad he wasn’t sure how much he was going to owe, but he knew it was going to be substantial. I had just met him and took Ed’s advice and did NOT give him a tax savings amount or fee up front. I used CTC tools and what I learned from the Certified Tax Coach training, and analyzed his situation. I was able to generate a proposal for him with a ROI in excess of 200 percent in the first year! I took a deep breath and hit send on the email. The next day I got a response saying I was his new CPA. The client is delighted, and I’m glad to have the resources available to generate these savings for him. I have been a CPA for over 20 years and no one delivers the programs to help my clients and my practice like you do. Thank you.”
— Ed Lloyd, CPA Charlotte, NC

“This morning I sent an e-mail confirming an appointment with a prospect that contacted me from the CTC website (thank you!!!) I was able to draw from the previously prepared sales script for my communication. Didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and I believe that I was able to send a well-crafted message to prepare the prospect for our meeting. Thanks for your support and insights!!!”
— Fred Thompson, CPA, CTC, San Mateo, CA