The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches is the only organization providing hands on training, proven systems, tools, support, and the Certified Tax Coach (CTC) designation. When graduates achieve the CTC credential, they instantly convey their unique expertise in tax planning.

The AICTC supports you in your mission with weekly calls, forums, webinars and marketing. Access to the CTC Toolbox is a key feature for giving you the freedom to work with your clients and successfully manage your tax practice. The toolbox is our own proprietary online database full of templates, practice aids and tools to enrich your business.

Looking for an engagement letter, contract, checklist or spreadsheet? Your search is over! CTC Toolbox features all these important guides and more.

We’ll even train you how to convert your tax clients into monthly recurring billing which automatically deposits to your bank account, whether you’re at work or not! All you need to implement tax maintenance packages from marketing brochures, contracts, and practice aids to determine pricing and benefits are all covered in our CTC Academy.

All the tools you need – Run your business from anywhere with tools including Tru Tax Planner Software and exclusive discounts of up to 50% on Practice Management, Workflow, Best Practice, and Technology with our strategic partners.