Becoming a Certified Tax Coach™ can dramatically increase your income and reignite your passion for your work at the same time! Certified Tax Coaches learn a little known but effective step-by-step approach to charging an average of $15,000 in fees per client, per year. How many clients would you need to accept if you were charging more than $15,000 each per year?

The secret lies in using tax planning as a way to establish a profitable, and consultative practice. Clients don’t want to just file their taxes. They want to SAVE taxes. Most tax professionals don’t offer the kind of proactive planning and advice clients really want. Certified Tax Coaches are different. We specialize in working with affluent business owners, professionals and investors to create customized tax plans to help our clients stop wasting money on taxes they don’t have to pay!

Most tax professionals simply trade their time for money. The problem with this is, like it or not, tax preparation is a commodity business. Clients can always find someone faster, cheaper, or more convenient. This makes it difficult to charge premium fees. Becoming a Certified Tax Coach allows you to get paid for your expertise by shifting your focus to tax planning. Specializing in ProActive Tax Strategies gives you the extra value you need to get paid what you’re worth, dramatically increasing your income and providing the freedom that owning a business is supposed to bring you.

The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches is the only organization providing hands on training, proven systems, tools, support and the Certified Tax Coach™ designation.

When you become a Certified Tax Coach™ you leave the world of 70- hour work weeks behind, double your income, and experience your dream practice! We provide you with all you need to not only grow your practice, but build a dream business, better serve your clients, an increase your productivity.

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