…and Build Your Business Through ProActive Tax Strategies!

Not all Tax Pros Are the Same.

Become and OrangeYou know this, but do your clients and prospects know it? The painful truth is that most taxpayers view you and your competitors as the same. And when you’re viewed as providing the same service as the next guy, no matter how good you are, consumers compare you to everyone else. Apples to apples comparisons make it hard for you to charge what you’re really worth. Clients can always find someone faster, cheaper and more convenient, making it nearly impossible for you to justify premium fees.

How do you avoid the “apples to apples” comparison? Offer something new and different. Give taxpayers what they really want: savings! True tax planning means giving your clients specific strategies – telling them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it – to cut their bottom-line tax bill.

When your client sees you deliver MORE, something different, now you’re no longer an apple. You’ve become an orange. You can use this advantage to charge for the value you bring to the client and that means premium fees. Who cares what your “competition” charges if they can’t actually compete?

Becoming a Certified Tax Planner instantly makes you an orange. The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners is the only program providing hands-on training in how to sell, deliver, and implement the kind of high level proactive tax strategies worth thousands to clients. Tax planning is the perfect way to establish a profitable, consultative practice and eliminate your competition!