Tony Amatore

"Everything I've spent on Certified Tax Coach — the upfront fee, the ongoing dues, etc. — is a fraction of what we've earned from learning the tax planning arena and selling tax planning services. The revenue jump has been incredible, and it has made a tremendous difference in our practice in NE Ohio. It allows you to open up a whole new world with your clients." … [Read more...]

Diane Porter

"I just sold my first CTC engagement for $5,000.00 and already realize that I charged far too little. Next time I will do better (next time will be next week!!!) I probably would not have charged anything for the analysis. This is how I have done it for the last 25 years. My husband was surprised and delighted! I have already changed my copy of the Price list to start at $5,000 to $7,500 and higher" … [Read more...]

Robert Gambardella, CPA, CTC

"CTC™ gave me the confidence and the system that I was lacking before, and I was able to close 4 tax planning clients literally the day after I completed my training. I closed 2 additional tax planning clients later that same week. "These prospects were all in my pipeline before I attended the training, but I was on their waiting list. Now they are on mine! "I have also been able to charge them higher fees than I had previously quoted to them, and they have all accepted without a haggle. "Thanks … [Read more...]

Dean Owen, CPA CTC

“Hello Everyone - just a couple comments. The forum is AWESOME. I am on several professional forums, and when I heard "CTC has one too" I thought, "that's nice". But this is far more useful info than I imagined. Thanks to all who participate.” … [Read more...]