Dominique Molina, president and co-founder of the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches (AICTC).

Are you ready for tax season?

You might be thinking I’m crazy for asking – or you may even be thinking you’ve got plenty of time.

But, I remember many Thanksgivings when the knot in my stomach grew just from thinking about the schedule and madness of tax season just around the corner.

I’ve got some bad news if you think this year is going to be just like any other year. It’s not.

This year represents the perfect storm of changing tax laws. This tax season will be more complex than ever before.

But there is also some good news.

If you plan correctly, you can help your clients avoid wasting money on taxes they don’t have to pay. You can also help them reduce their audit risk, and all the while, collect tax-planning fees that will make December your biggest cash flow month of the year – even bigger than April.

What makes this the perfect storm?

  • Tax rates are higher
  • The marriage penalty tax is back
  • Your clients may not get all their itemized deductions because the phase-outs are back
  • Your clients might not even get all their exemptions because the phase-outs are back
  • And that new Medicare surcharge will attack wages and investment income

The Treasury Inspector General says the Affordable Care Act alone represents the largest set of tax law changes the IRS has had to implement in more than 20 years.

And that’s just one bill! There have been dozens more.

Plus, the IRS is closely looking at certain businesses more than others and certain types of investing. That could lead to more audits.

However, this perfect storm also provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate just how much you are worth.

And once your clients know how much you are worth to them, they will be happy to pay you a premium fee while working on your terms.

But there’s a catch.

You must take action. You have just 40-days to put proactive tax planning strategies into place that lock in savings for your clients.

Now is the time to convert your compliance-based practice to a tax-planning focused machine that will change the way you do business and make December more profitable than April.

There are 2 ways I can help you.

1) The Missing Tax Planning Manual


The Missing Tax Planning Manual

I’ll teach you how to lock tax savings for your clients — IN 2013 — when you attend my new self-paced video course.

Includes 5 video lessons, each containing proactive tax strategies you can immediately apply for your clients.

We’ll cover:

  • Video 1: Reverse the Tax Hike – tax rates are the highest they’ve been in over 10 years – leaving some taxpayers paying in excess of 60 percent! Use these strategies to reduce your clients overall tax as if they were paying the old rates.
  • Video 2: Happily Never After – turning the Marriage Penalty into an Advantage. Increase your awareness of the effects of DOMA, changing tax laws, politics, challenges in our system and open up a whole new market to the benefits of tax planning.
  • Video 3: The Road Less Taken – itemized deduction phase-outs are back. Rather than going through the limitation, take this road and go around it! We’ll cover how to shift deductions from where they’re not fully deductible to havens where they can be used in their entirety.
  • Video 4: Personal Exemption Phaseouts – itemized deduction phaseouts are back. Taking small steps now can help solve the problem and provide your clients with a huge return later.
  • Video 5: Shield Clients From the Medicare Surcharge Attacks – starting in 2013, the new 3.8 percent surtax applies to higher-income individuals and their net investment income. It’s a whole new system with a brand new tax and a whole lot of questions.
  • Bonus: Debrief and Review – at the close of the course, you and I will schedule a 60-minute one-on-one session to re-review any of the strategies I covered within the videos, discuss client challenges or opportunities in-depth, or other Q&A.

Why did I create this course? Several reasons. I wanted to provide tax practitioners who have considered becoming a Certified Tax Coach with a way to learn something new while being able to look inside and see what we are all about. I understand skepticism – I am skeptical about most things. This is your low risk opportunity to evaluate our curriculum and evaluate me.

And if after the video course, you decide to move on to complete your certification, the $499 you already paid will be credited toward your certification.

Join Now: $499

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The second way I can help you.

2) Accelerated Certification Academy


Accelerated Certification Academy

Become a Certified Tax Coach on your own time – in as little as 6-weeks via our structured, supportive, and accelerated program.

We don’t just give you training and then leave you on your own to make a business out of it – we guide you through the system for creating a profitable, sustainable model while helping you reach and serve your clients.

When you enroll in our Accelerated Certification Academy, you will personally connect with me and other Certified Tax Coaches several times each month during 6 live calls / session. During each session, I will guide you to take one strategic step after another to build the tax business you want.

You will complete hands-on training with the opportunity to collaborate with elite tax professionals as you apply new principals in developing tax plans using real-world strategies and fact patterns.

We’ll cover:

  • Live Session 1 (December 11, 2013): Basic Concepts in Tax Planning and Passive Loss Planning Case Study, Open Q&A
  • Session pre-work, watch videos 1-10 (approximately 3 to 3.5 hours of pre-work)
  • Live Session 2 (December 18, 2013): Income Shifting and Finding Your Niche, Case Study, Open Q&A
  • Session pre-work, watch videos 11-13 (approximately 2 hours of pre-work)
  • Live Session 3 (January 7, 2014): Retirement Planning: Conventional IRA Planning Could Cost You, Captive Insurance Companies, Case Study, Open Q&A
  • Session pre-work, watch videos 14-16 (approximately 1 hour of pre-work)
  • Live Session 4 (January 15, 2014): Real Estate Tax Strategies, Case Study, Open Q&A
  • Session pre-work, watch videos 17-18 (approximately 1 hour of pre-work)
  • Live Session 5 (January 22, 2014): Turning Losses into Assets and Finding Opportunities to Plan, Case Study, Open Q&A
  • Session pre-work, watch videos 19-20 (approximately 1 hour of pre-work)
  • Live Session 6 (January 27, 2014): I’m a CTC Now What?, Case Study, Open Q&A
  • Session pre-work, watch videos 21-28 (approximately 1 hour of pre-work)

Please note: the accelerated schedule is not mandatory. You may complete your certification at the pace that is right for you.

Whether you complete your certification in one week or six weeks, we’ll give you the support, hands on experience, and accountability you need to make the transition into what you’ve always wondered was possible.

Risk-free: we will refund 100 percent of your registration fee if after completing the Accelerated Certification Program you are not fully convinced you will at least earn back your registration fee as a result of what you learned.

What others are saying: “$50,000 to $100,000 in additional tax planning fees”


Your registration will deliver $14,317 of immediate value to you and your practice.

Here’s how:

  • Initial Accelerated Certification Program: you get immediate access to over 100 hours of self-study online tax planning courses within our Online Academy PLUS you will secure your reserved seat at our next in-person Live Academy. Our Live Academy qualifies for 24 CPE hours.
  • Special bonus #1: you will receive access to my new video course, The Missing Tax Planning Manual ($499 bonus value).
  • Special bonus #2: one complimentary seat at our Certified Tax Coach Annual Reunion on May 12-13, 2014 in San Diego ($697 bonus value).
  • Quickly master the new healthcare laws and how to unlock the Hidden Profit Centers
  • Learn our 6 Money Maker Strategies that will increase the profit of your practice by 100 percent
  • Learn cutting edge tax strategies that will slash a client’s taxes by $15,000 to $100,000 per year
  • Learn a step-by-step approach to charging an average of $15,000 in annual fees per client
  • Get annual license to our Tax Price Builder Pro software
  • Get leads from prospective clients delivered right to your email Inbox
  • Begin using the CTC™ logo and your certification designation
  • Use our online toolbox of pre-designed forms, templates, checklists, practice aids, contracts, and engagement letters to quickly convert leads into lucrative engagements
  • Get free admission to our 2-day Certified Tax Coach national membership appreciation event
  • Earn an additional 12 hours of ongoing CPE hours in tax planning strategies
  • Learn proven steps and best practices to build a Championship Team catapulting your practice to the next level – and we’ll help you build your team by giving you instant access to our member-only message boards for masterminding, one-on-one discussions, questions, and idea exchange with over 230 Certified Tax Coaches across the country
  • Get our Certified Tax Coach textbook Year Round Guide to Proactive Tax Planning Strategies
  • Get our monthly Case Study Tax Research Meetings and tax planning newsletter, Tax Cents
  • Get access to done-for-you marketing materials including brochures, presentation materials, pamphlets, and email marketing campaigns
  • Receive affiliate discounts on practice management software, forms filing service, presentation materials, printing, and supplies
  • Get access to our CTC National Forum social media site
  • Receive unlimited personal support from me and my team of professionals


Option 1

($400 early bird discount).

Receive immediate access to our newly updated 2014 Accelerated Academy and both registration bonuses valued at $1,196.


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Option 2

5 monthly payments of $625.

Receive immediate access to our newly updated 2014 Accelerated Academy and both registration bonuses valued at $1,196.


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martingradDominique Molina
President and co-founder of the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches

I’m just like you. I’m a CPA and built a successful tax practice. But it wasn’t always this way. I worked myself to the bone doing everything.

I wasn’t happy. I seriously considered quitting and walking away. But that felt like a huge failure and a waste of my education and experience.

Instead of quitting, I made the difficult decision to begin charging top dollar for my tax planning expertise.

The result? I brought in $580,000 in tax planning revenue in just two years. And I created a client waiting list that was 2 years long.

How did that happen? I discovered a better system – a system that gave me the ability to charge clients what I was WORTH.

I now teach that same system to our Certified Tax Coaches around the country. Together, we have rescued millions of dollars in wasted taxes. Join us.