Included with your Certified Tax Coach membership is a subscription to Tax Price Builder Pro Software™ available exclusively to Certified Tax Coaches

Tax Price Builder is the only “off the shelf” software available for tax professionals to build pricing estimates for tax projects. Our tax pricing intelligence analyzes data from around the country and compares your pricing estimate with your competition. Tax Price Builder empowers you to create tax project price estimates you can be confident about.

Available exclusively to Certified Tax Coaches: Tax Price Builder Pro helps you build recurring bundled service packages to convert your billing from hourly rates to value based monthly automated revenue streams.

Also included with your membership, is a subscription to Tru Tax Planner Software. This software is the only tax planning software that actually PLANS. Traditional tax “planning” software projects future tax liabilities in excruciating detail – usually far more detail than clients need or even appreciate. It leaves you the job of translating spreadsheets into concepts and strategies. And it’s obsolete every time Congress changes the law. Is it any wonder clients are confused?

Tru Tax Planner software is different. It uses a proprietary artificial intelligence to choose from over 110 specific, proven tax-saving strategies, based on the answers to those questions. Then it packages those strategies into a tax plan report tailored to your client. Plans created by Certified Tax Coaches are not spreadsheets. They’re plain-English, narrative reports that show clients what the spreadsheets mean to them, without burying them in detail. The plans tell clients what to do to realize savings.

Additional Certified Tax Coach Benefits
You’ll also enjoy deep discounts on additional products you may need to build your dream business. Certified Tax Coach has established strategic alliances with solutions providers who actively support our mission. Improve your practice management, workflow, best practices, and technology by gaining access to the most effective programs and user friendly tools available in the industry. As a member, you can maximize your value to your clients as you propel your business to the next level, with bottom-line measurable results.