Tax Price Builder Basic

Never Underestimate a Tax Project Again!

Have you ever had a prospect walk away because you couldn’t give a firm tax project quote? Or worse, have you lost money because you underestimated the amount of work involved for a tax return? Tax Price Builder is the only “off the shelf” software available for tax professionals to build pricing estimates for tax projects. Never again wonder if you’re charging enough for your services or losing projects based on price. Tax Price Builder empowers you to create tax project price estimates you can be confident about. One of the difficulties most tax accountants face is determining what to charge. Clients and prospects need to know the cost for tax projects. Giving an accurate quote allows you to provide clear, immediate pricing estimates and removes the fear of undercharging for your work. Wonder what the going rate is for a tax return project? Our tax pricing intelligence analyzes data from our Certified Tax Coach members from around the country and compares your pricing estimate with your competition.

That’s it!

The software is so simple to use even your staff can develop consistent price quotes – giving you the freedom to delegate and focus on higher value projects.