Tax Season – 3 Customer Questions That Can Reap Benefits All Year

3 Customer Questions That Can Reap Benefits All YearYes, it is the time of year that tries our patience and all our mental strength and physical stamina. But tax time gives us the obvious opportunity to really take advantage of our direct customer contact to elevate our professional stature and reputation in the minds of our clients.

Now is the time to assess each client for their potential to become a tax planning customer, and seize the day! As a trusted professional, you have your clients’ financial well-being in your hands. As you work with each one, it is the perfect time to share the added value and expertise you uniquely have to offer them. 

Did You Know We Offer These Beneficial Services?
Tax season gives you a very clear window on the type of clients you work with, and what their needs might be. Having a list of your services is an easy way to remind your tax customers of the many ways you can help make running their lives or their businesses easier. Offering a suggested checklist just might help make life easier for not only them, but you as well. Consider adding to your checklist the benefits of each of your services, including time and money savings, and making year-round accounting and tax time easier.

When Can We Schedule Your Free Tax Reduction Discovery Session?
At tax time, you aspire to go above and beyond for your clients, to give them proactive advice and strategies to help them earn more and keep more. For those clients you feel are the best candidates for your help, NOW is the time to pitch your tax planning services.

With each completed tax return, you can sit down and let them know about your planning opportunity, and schedule their free discovery session starting in May and throughout the summer. Remember, you have so much to offer them, and each one is an opportunity for both of you to leave the table with more money in your pockets.

Plan ahead to delegate your busy work to your employees, so you can prioritize having some face to face time with all of your best clients. And have ready any marketing materials that explain what you do that you can send home with them. Every important client should leave understanding the value a Certified Tax Coach can offer them, and how lucky they are to know you!

Can You Refer Any Other Businesses?

It should be standard to ask your customers for referrals or recommendations. A satisfied customer is the best advocate you have. So simple ways to ask for referrals include handing out your marketing materials to share, asking for likes or shares on social media platforms, Yelp reviews or asking for names and numbers for future outreach. And, of course, ask if they know any other businesses or individuals interested in saving thousands on their taxes next year.

Yes, it is a busy time of year! But with a little proactive marketing planning, you can take advantage of all the client opportunities you have right at your fingertips! Have a wonderful and prosperous year!