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3 Ways Outsourcing Saves Time and Money

Most entrepreneurs are hands-on people. Because they are doers by nature, they often believe no one can perform a task as well as they can, so outsourcing doesn’t usually cross their minds. Small business owners end up doing everything themselves – even simple tasks that can be outsourced to subcontractors.

Guess what happens?

Plates overflow, nerves fray, and things fall through the cracks. Sometimes important things. Outsourcing can prevent all of this.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to delegation of duties or tasks to an organization or individual outside of the company. Subcontractors and virtual assistants easily fill the gap.

With growing numbers of self-employed service providers in the marketplace, there is certainly no shortage of assistance. Some work by the hour and others contract by the month or offer packages, so they’re pretty flexible.

Why, then, is it difficult for some small business owners to release their strongholds and share their loads?

Is it ego? Sometimes.

But the motivation behind a one-person-show (besides control) is often a desire to save money. Not a bad idea in most cases. However, by needing to be in full control at all times, business owners can hold themselves back. They can also sabotage their potential for success.

3 Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefit #1

By freeing their schedules of simple tasks business owners can use their energy to develop ideas and generate more income.

They have more time to spend on their businesses and the benefit of outsourcing grows exponentially.

Benefit #2

Another benefit comes when business owners outsource specific tasks to professionals whose basic skill sets lie in areas the business owner may struggle with.

For example, although specifics vary among industries, one of those areas might be social media marketing. Social media marketing is quite important in today’s world and this task is easily outsourced—even to a college student. Almost anyone can post messages and promote. It does not require intensive involvement of the business owner.

Outsourcing goes beyond social media. Tasks such as creating spreadsheets, telemarketing, content creation and more can be handed off to a qualified person.

Benefit #3

What about the cost?

Outsourcing more than pays for itself over time. For those hoping to save a few bucks, failing to budget for help and doing everything by themselves can end up costing more in the long run.

And … it’s a deductible expense.

Discuss the benefits of outsourcing with your clients before next tax season. Get creative. Show them ways outsourcing can save time and money.

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