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How To Help CPA’s Stop Stressing At Tax Time

As a Financial Advisor, you know how it works. Relationships are everything. And relationships are built over time between people that support each other. Take CPAs for example. When you get in the habit of sending referrals and helpful insights to a select number of CPAs that you’re building a relationship with, you’re going to get noticed. And in turn, the likelihood of them directing referrals to you increases ten-fold.

We all know tax time is stressful. Especially for CPAs that have disorganized and anxious clients operating on last minute deadlines. Imagine how the CPA contacts you have would respond if you introduced them to a tool that could substantially lower their stress level, while increasing their profitability.

Now you can. Allow us to introduce you to Evernote—a tool that can help you strengthen your professional relationships and enhance productivity within your own business.

Evernote is a digital organizer. And as far as we’re considered, everyone should use it. It’s the fastest & easiest way to keep all of your notes, documents, webpages, inspirations and ideas at your fingertips and in a format that you can share with anyone you want, anytime, from anywhere.

  • Want to take notes while on calls with clients? You can do that in Evernote.
  • Need to save info you found about a new investment opportunity so you don’t have to hunt for it again? Evernote makes that simple.
  • Want to easily get access to notes and important documents from clients? Think Evernote.
  • Need to find your client’s bank statements from last October?

and for your CPA friends? If they:

  • Need to save info they found buried on the gov website so they don’t have to hunt for it again? Evernote is the answer.
  • Want to easily access their client’s receipts and other important documents? With Evernote they’ll have that info at their fingertips!

…and that’s just the beginning. Here are two additional Evernote benefits that we absolutely love:

Find Anything In A Snap

It’s one thing to get in the habit of scanning all of your paper files. But it takes a different kind of super power to file them in a way that makes finding them simple later on. That’s where Evernote tags come into play. You can (should) add tags to every document you file in Evernote because tags make finding what you need when you need it super speedy. Looking for every record you have on Client X? Tag each file for him and then when you need it again, do a simple tag search and everything you want is right there. Need to pull up notes from all your meetings with Client Y from last year? Tag ‘em and grab em. Want to know what you spend on advertising but not on your other expenses? Tags make it easy to get this info.

Download Statements While You Sleep

We’re huge fans of the app store that you’ll find on Evernote. Countless companies have recognized the power of Evernote and since, partnered with them to make your life easier. One app we have a special affinity for is called FileThis. It automatically sends your (or your client’s) credit card, bank, 401 k and other statements to your Evernote account on a weekly basis. And get this, it’s super secure and free for most people. Win, win!

Simply put, when you share tools like Evernote, relationship-building is easier than ever!  Just whip up a quick email explaining why you think they might like the tool and then share a link for easy access, and it’s a done deal!

When you share the right tools, you become a true asset to the professionals that can help you grow your business. And when you get in the habit of using these tools personally, your productivity is bound to skyrocket!

We’ve got 3 additional stress-busting tax tools up our sleeve that we’re going to blog about over the next 3 weeks, so be sure to circle back with us and look for them. In the meantime, give Evernote a spin, tell a few CPA friends about it and let us know what you think.

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