How to Save Your Clients Over $2 Million in just 90 Days!

Do you know how much you are saving your clients each year on average? Is it close to $33,125 each year? Your clients can take that money and use it for lots of other things, and that makes them HAPPY WITH YOU!

Meet Certified Tax Coach Shauna Wekherlien. Shauna became certified in tax planning in our July Accelerated Academy and since learning, she now saves her clients over $33,000 per year on average AND saved her clients over $3 million in taxes they would have wasted just since July! It’s done wonders for Shauna’s business, but it’s also made her clients very happy!

To find out the most common strategies Shauna uses, check out our interview here.

Here’s what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(1:16) What to do if you live in an area that won’t pay premium fees
(3:38) Why would you be interested in tax planning instead of tax planning?
(5:00) The science of tax
(7:08) Branding Your Business for Success
(12:20) Helping people understand the value of what CPAs do.
(16:20) Using hard data as proof of success. How does Shauna track how much she has saved her clients?
(20:52) Shauna’s go-to tax strategies.
(24:20) Where to find new business and how to generate $89,000 in new business since getting certified in July.
(26:37) What happens when you approach your existing client and want to charge more?
(31:45) The story behind Shana’s “Tax Goddess Guides to Starting Your Own Business.”
(34:35) Monthly billing practices so you can enjoy year round cash flow and triple your rates

We would like to thank Shauna for taking the time out of her day to share her story of success with us. It was great to hear your insight into the business – it’s no wonder she’s so successful!

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