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Staff Bleeding You Dry??

The problem today is it seems nearly impossible to find and retain qualified, irreplaceable staff to actually HELP you in your business.

Since it is all up to you to ensure that everything is right at work, you are completely limited in growing and shaping the business into what you want it to be.

Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to secure more effective staff for your tax business – and how to get them to actually make you money instead of costing you.

  1.  Delegate more effectively – Did you know you must actually train your staff how to receive the work that you delegate them?  Good delegation requires both a good hand-off and a good reception, otherwise it won’t succeed.   Teaching your team how to receive work from you, and using a delegation checklist can ensure that key  elements of the job are understood – then hold them accountable for what isn’t accomplished!
  2. Inspect what you expect – One of the biggest myths about business ownership is that if you tell someone to do something they’ll actually do it.  Do yourself a favor – just let go of this fantasy and expectation. And stop getting angry with your employees. Instead,  start inspecting what you expect.  If you say something is due in two weeks, send a reminder 2-3 days before it’s due. Then, on the due date, ask to actually see proof of what you’ve asked to have done. Use your calendar to set up task reminders to yourself and maintain checklists of what you’re asked people to do.
  3. Let go of your biggest offenders – Most tax business owners hang onto bad employees much longer than they should.  The worst employee?  You!   As the owner of the business we do it all, and most the of time we spend doing things we do not bill the client for!  You simply cannot afford to do these things yourself – so give yourself a pink slip!  And while you’re at it, let go of anyone who isn’t capable of changing to be the irreplaceable staff you need them to be!
  4. Train your team to be IRREPLACEABLE – The right training will help your team do more than you asked, do more than you expect, and do more than your clients request.  They think about how to help the company grow, they understand that status quo is not enough, and come with an answer to a problem you didn’t even know you had!
Consider all the vital priorities you need to perform to actually develop your business – how do you possibly get that done without working longer hours, nights or weekends?
In the end you’re overworked, stressed out, feeling at times like you’re having to run just to stay even, let alone get ahead. What’s the answer?  Upgrade your use of time!  Instead of focusing on increasing your hours worked, you can often double or triple your income, while at the same time lowering your working hours enough to take Fridays off all year round!

So now here’s the big question: How can you get more of the time you need?

You won’t get it by “trying harder.” And you won’t get it by marketing to get MORE tax work.

Sorry it just doesn’t work that way.

What I’ve discovered is that if you get your team to take care of the things you need them to do, it will enable you to spend focused time on your vital priorities, so you can double or triple your income without working one more minute!

If you want to make your employees your clone in just 3 days, without hiring, firing, or breaking your budget, — you need to attend my FREE 90-minute training session available at 3 different times beginning May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2014. Click “claim my spot now” to see the times offered.

During this valuable training, you’ll learn how to:

1) How to Have Your Team Automatically Handle all Work Priced Less Than $250/hr Without Asking!

2) Fill Your Schedule With $500+ per hour Work Overnight

3) Take Fridays Off Year-Round, While Your Office Runs Smoothly Without You

4) Increase the Value You Create For Your Clients, Keeping Them Happy and Loyal

5) Eliminate Your Competition By Becoming the Go-To Expert

This training session also qualifies for 2 CPE.

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