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10 Ways To Connect With CPA’s On Social Media

Last week, we started this month’s blog series by sharing How To Get Noticed By CPA’s. This week, we’re going to help you learn how to use social media to connect with more CPA’s.

10 Ways To Connect With CPA’s On Social Media

  1. Look for CPA’s that your clients are already connected with on LinkedIn. In some case, you’ll find their CPA connection, is actually not just a CPA they know, but the one they use. That’s a perfect excuse for you to reach out to your client and ask them to make an introduction.
  2. If asking for an introduction isn’t your thing, you can also reach out directly and send a message to the CPA that reads something like this: “Dear XYZ, I just learned that we’re both working with (enter client’s name). I’d love to connect with you and discuss how we can work together to serve her at the highest level.” They’d be silly not to respond to an invitation like that!
  3. When you reach out to a connection found on LinkedIn, do not use the LinkedIn messaging service. It’s become so infiltrated with SPAM, most regular LinkedIn users don’t even look at those messages. Instead, find their email address or phone number elsewhere and reach out directly.
  4. Consider using the Chrome plugin, Crystal Knows, to learn more about their personality and how to best word your emails to capture their attention.
  5. Mention something you have in common when you do reach out. A quick search on LinkedIn could reveal that you’re in the same group, attended the same university, volunteer for the same organization, etc. Hang out on Facebook a little bit and you can easily find out if you’re both huge fans of the same sports team or if you share the same taste in movies, etc. Common interests open doors—even if they’re outside of business—actually, especially if they’re outside of business.
  6. Join some of the social media groups they’re in, monitor the page for their posts and respond whenever you can. When they see you’re paying attention to their posts and leaving thoughtful feedback, you’ll definitely get noticed.
  7. If you see that a CPA has been featured in the media or that they’ve been recognized for something, share it with your network. Better yet, tag specific people in your own network that could benefit from their services and tag the CPA in the message.
  8. Get a free HARO Every day, HARO sends an email to it’s user list that includes countless opportunities to get free media coverage. Take a few minutes every day to scan them and find opportunities for the CPA’s you’re courting. Shoot them a quick message with a press opportunity and you’ll make a very favorable impression. This is especially important to do during tax season when reporters are looking for timely content to share with their audience.
  9. Once you identify a reporter on HARO, find that reporter on Twitter. Start to follow them because many share press opportunities in their daily posts. When you find one that’s a good fit for a CPA, tag the CPA on your reply and make a quick introduction.
  10. Show up on the right platforms. CPA’s are too busy to master all of the platforms. We see that they usually stick to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That being the case, that’s what you should stick with as well.

The specifics of your social media strategy will depend greatly on what platform(s) you use and what your goals are, but these 10 tips should be enough to get the ball rolling in the CPA connection department. Good luck!

Check back with us next week. We’ll be sharing some email marketing tips so you can more effectively nurture your email list once people join it.

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