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Accounting Website Design: Getting Found

accounting website design

Guest Post By: By Brian O’Connell

At some point, some of us will notice a bothersome little itch that says: time to find an accountant I really like.

Your connection to an accountant has a lot to do with chemistry, which will only be clear once you’ve met. But, there are ways to tell whether an accounting firm is going to be professional and client-centered. The best of these is with CPA websites for accountants.

Looking at your potential new accountant’s website will tell you a lot about whether you want to use them.

Here are the 6 features that all CPA websites should possess:

Accounting Website Design Tips

Client Portal

This is by far the most important piece of your accounting website design. A client portal is like a safe-deposit box that’s right on your CPA’s website. Most of them are just as secure as online banking and they greatly increase efficiency.

Instead of having to drop off papers for your accountant or pick up your completed return, you just upload to and download from the client portal. It saves time – and it creates an online backup that cuts down on your need for hard copy recordkeeping.


It’s true, there are lots of blogs out there, and no one has time to read them all. But if your accountant has one, it shows that he or she is committed to keeping you up-to-date on the latest tax news, as well as important information about their office hours, staffing changes, and so forth.


You may not think this matters much. After all, is it really so important to see how the office was decorated for the holidays?

Yet, again – as with a blog – when your accountant posts pictures of themselves, their staff, and their office gatherings, it points to an understanding that you, the client, need to feel connected to them emotionally. If they don’t understand this, they may not be the right accountant for you.

Online Appointment Scheduling

There’s no need, with technology being what it is, to wait around for your accountant to call back and make an appointment. Savvy and client-focused accountants include online appointment scheduling on their website, which allows their clients to see their (public) calendar and block in a time that works for both of you. When a CPA includes this on their site, you know they’re thinking about how best to serve you.

Online Credit Card Payment

Do you really still need to pay an old-fashioned invoice with an old-fashioned check? No. Find an accountant who has made it easier for you by incorporating the ability to pay by credit card right on his or her site.

Articles, Guides, and Frequently Asked Questions

The best accountants know that the quality of accounting website design is built on content, content, content. You should be able to find answers to all your tax questions on your accountant’s website. Wondering if you can deduct that online class you took this year? Your accountant’s website should tell you. Having a baby? The website should explain all you need to know about how this affects your taxes.

In other words, your accounting website design should act as a backup source of support and information for those times when you just don’t want to send an email or pick up the phone.

Good luck finding the right accountant this year. Check out their website, meet them in person – and then embark on a long and prosperous relationship!

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