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Oil and Gas: Where is the opportunity?

By Chase Ravsten, Vice President of Vistia Capital Investing in oil and gas can offer potential advantages: Oil and gas are still a staple of energy and production here in the United States and in most of the countries across the world. Many think we must have significant land with

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GoFundMe Receipts and IRS Rules

Aside from contribution-only donations to established 501(c)(3) charities, the gift/non-gift distinction has always been rather subjective. For example, assume you give money to a children’s choir which then performs at your wedding. The financial value of that quid pro quo is subjective, at best. Crowdfunding contributions have muddied the waters

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Real Estate Tax Savings: Using a Property for Short-Term Rentals

Looking to invest in real estate? The many tax loopholes available can make this an attractive source of income—but first-time property owners may feel uncertain about taking advantage of these tax breaks. Rest assured that legitimate loopholes were intentionally created by the government to promote property ownership. By enticing taxpayers

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