Tom Panagiotou

Although I had planned to complete the coursework over a couple of weeks, I found it interesting enough where I completed it over a weekend. I commend you and Ed on putting together the single most valuable accounting-related seminar that I have ever participated in." … [Read more...]

Wyatt Lewis

"Gosh, hard question. I appreciated every moment... both marketing strategies and case studies. Also it was nice to meet my peers. "(I learned) to market myself for what I am worth; schedule with pre-payment so I get paid for my work; and don't give away information that I have paid to learn. "This presentation was well worth my time even after completing the on-line training. The live presentation and interaction are extremely valuable." … [Read more...]

Ronald D’Arminio

“All of the sessions are very engaging, especially the real estate & passive activity segments. I've been to all day seminars on each of the topics that didn't cover as much ground in the 2 hours of video content and most seminars are compliance oriented, not planning. These sessions are concise but loaded with planning strategies. Definitely worth the investment!” … [Read more...]

Robert Gambardella,

"I am very happy with the selling and pricing techniques that I learned in the online CTC™ training, and can't wait to attend the live class. I liked the format of the online course, and especially like that it is available to go back and re-watch for future reference. " … [Read more...]