Taking Control of Accounts Receivable Management

Looking to get rid of your Accounts Receivable? Most small business accountants I meet with think this is impossible. Think again! Effective accounts receivable management can get you paid for your hard work in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, tax firms tend to run in SALY (same as last year) fashion. This leads to the old way of doing things, with little change in the industry. If you’re like most accounting professionals, perhaps you bill a 50% retainer or some sort of deposit when a client … [Read more...]

Designing a Workflow System

Designing a Workflow System A Deep-Fried Workflow Model One of my summertime favorites is an annual trip to the fair. Although the summer fairs generally feature the same attractions and exhibits year after year, the board of directors find new and innovative ways to market a unique experience each July. The introduction of unique, one-of-a-kind new taste sensations such as deep fried girl scout cookies, Baby Ruth filled jalapenos, deep fried jerky, and even deep fried kool-aid satisfy the … [Read more...]

How to Escape the Time For Money Trap

You know the problem with this time of year? We’re exhausted, burned out and need a break. And most of us finally take a few days off post 4/15. It’s great, right? Just one problem. When you make your money from selling time – taking time off has a cost. Trading time for money is a trap – like having a job. You don’t make money unless you are working. If you take time off, you don’t earn income. In the end, you may find yourself feeling like you just can’t afford to lose that much … [Read more...]

Getting Paid Sooner – Fast Tips For a Smoother Tax Season

Have you ever met this guy before? He's the one who turns everything in, but won't return your calls when it’s time to come in, pick up his return and pay your bill. He also moonlights as the guy who turns it all in during tax season, but fails to get you that missing info and his project sits on hold, unpaid, until October. When people pay you on their terms, not yours, it gives control of your business and income to someone else! Consider the lengths you go to complete a project … [Read more...]

Fast Tips For a Smoother Tax Season – Managing Expectations

You know the drill, they take until March 14 to FINALLY give you the stuff, and expect everything to be filed the next day.  You never want to be hounded by clients expecting something you can't possibly deliver. Here are some simple, fast steps to manage your clients expectations – it keeps them off your back, and happy with your work. Tip #1 – Be Pre-emptive. Beat them to the punch! Regular contact throughout the tax engagement (even if you have no news to report) keeps the connection with … [Read more...]

How to Save Your Clients Over $2 Million in just 90 Days!

Do you know how much you are saving your clients each year on average? Is it close to $33,125 each year? Your clients can take that money and use it for lots of other things, and that makes them HAPPY WITH YOU! Meet Certified Tax Coach Shauna Wekherlien. Shauna became certified in tax planning in our July Accelerated Academy and since learning, she now saves her clients over $33,000 per year on average AND saved her clients over $3 million in taxes they would have wasted just since July! It's … [Read more...]

Staff Bleeding You Dry??

The problem today is it seems nearly impossible to find and retain qualified, irreplaceable staff to actually HELP you in your business. Since it is all up to you to ensure that everything is right at work, you are completely limited in growing and shaping the business into what you want it to be. Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to secure more effective staff for your tax business - and how to get them to actually make you money instead of costing you.  Delegate more effectively - Did … [Read more...]

Time Management for Accountants

Tips For Effective Time Management for Accountants Time is money, and this is especially true for accounting professionals. The more efficiently you operate your schedule, the more money you’ll make and the less work you’ll have to do. Yet, time management is something that most accountants struggle with at one point or another, and something that almost all of us could stand to improve. Effective time management for accountants means more money and more time to spend on the things that … [Read more...]

Let’s Play Ball

It's Opening Week in Major League Baseball. While we're not ALL Reds Fans, we're all fans of the game. Enjoy this silly music video we put together featuring the CTC team: Dominique Molina, Ed Lyon, Keith VandeStadt, Toby Fafard, and Elizabeth Gonzalez. … [Read more...]

Tax Preparation Business

Gain Tax Preparation Business Freedom A Tax Preparation Business Analogy I love 4th of July. Hands-down it is my favorite holiday. It is the one holiday, when despite political or religious differences, everyone comes together and celebrates the birthday of the United States of America and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It's a day of picnics and patriotic parades, a night of concerts and fireworks, and a reason to fly the American flag. Picnics, … [Read more...]