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How To Empower Your Clients To Melt Stress Away

Last week we told you all about Evernote and how it can minimize stress and maximize productivity during tax time.

This week, we want to share tips on how you can empower your clients to melt away stress all year long using Quickbooks.

Chances are, some of your clients are using it; however, in most cases, they’re not using it to its full capability.

Most small business owners know Quickbooks can help them track day-to-day income and expenses. Yet often, that’s where their understanding of Quickbooks ends.

One way to really differentiate yourself in your industry is offer training to your clients on some of the advanced functionalities inside Quickbooks. Here are just a few classes that you might want to offer:

1) How to Maximize Earning Potential and Minimize Expenses Using Quickbooks

In this class, you could demonstrate how knowledge really is power when it comes to business finances.  A simple lesson in how to properly categorize income will empower your clients to really understand where the bulk of their revenue is currently coming from and also help them identify new revenue opportunities. In addition, if you teach your clients how to properly categorize their expenses and then evaluate them on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, you’ll empower them to minimize or eradicate unnecessary expenses in favor of making smarter budgeting decisions. Your clients are going to love you for this!

2) How to Get Paid Faster and Automate Invoicing

In this class, you could teach your clients how to accept payments directly through Quickbooks. While this is old hat to you, it’s likely ground-breaking information for most of your small business clients. When you show them how their clients can immediately pay an invoice with a credit card or how they can accept payments anytime from anywhere as long as they have an Intuit card reader and a mobile device, they’re going to think you hung the moon! And remember, when you show them how to automate their invoicing so they can get back to doing what they do best, they won’t know how to thank you enough.

3) How to Access Your Financial Reports 24/7 from Anywhere in the World

If you really want to butter up your clients, teach them how to use the Quickbooks Online app from their smartphone. They’ll feel so empowered when you show them how to create estimates and invoices in just a few clicks or how to manage and pay their bills when they’re waiting in line somewhere and have a few minutes to kill. And for your small business clients that carry inventory, imagine what they’ll think when you teach them how they can track inventory right from their phone. No more calling the home office for inventory reports before making a purchasing decision at a trade show…all of the info they need is in the palm of their hand.

If you haven’t tapped into the power of differentiating yourself in the marketplace by empowering your clients to use Quickbooks like a pro, we encourage you to give it a try. And don’t forget to tell your clients that aren’t yet on Quickbooks that they can try using Quickbooks online for 30 days, absolutely free! Your clients are sure to appreciate your proactive, client-centered approach to doing business.

Next week we’re going to share a tool that’s going to help you and your clients get organized faster than you ever thought possible. Make sure you come back to read it!

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