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Four Ways To Increase Cashflow In A Business

Do you know, I mean really, really know what worries your entrepreneurial clients more than anything else? No, it’s not their competitors. Nor is it staffing. Or operations or many of the other things you may have thought about.

The #1 thing that keeps entrepreneurs up at night is money. They’re worried sick that they simply won’t have enough money to make payroll, pay their vendors, cover the rent and in some cases, continue to keep the doors open.

They need cash to grow their business and when their personal savings dries up, their credit cards are maxed out and their friends and family refuse to invest in them, anxiety peaks.

One way you can really service your clients at a higher level is to educate them on ways they can generate the cash they need to keep growing. We’re going to help you do just that this month in our blog series Four Ways To Increase Cashflow In A Business.

In week one we’ll equip you with 6 power-packed sales strategies that you can pass along to your clients, yes, even though marketing is not your forte. It doesn’t have to be. Simply share the tips we give you and your clients will immediately see you as someone that goes above and beyond the call of duty.
In week two we’ll take a good hard look at how small business owners can decrease their business expenses and again, give you insights to share with your cash flow- constricted clients.

If your clients need more than short-term sales strategies and expense reduction ideas, bank loans and credit lines will be the next thing to suggest.  We all know the importance of having cash available when you have a rotten sales cycle or an irresistible opportunity presents itself. In week three we’ll equip you with some facts about bank loans and credit lines that you may not know.

Finally, we’ll take a deep dive into raising capital via angel funding, venture capitalism, even crowd sourcing. Because when a small business decides to play big, sometimes they need more cash than the bank will provide.

When you really verse yourself on these practical solutions that can help your clients overcome their number 1 fear, you position yourself on a brand new playing field. No longer do your clients simply see you as their CPA. They see you as their advocate. Their strategist. Their partner. And as a result, your value to them will skyrocket.

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