Pros and Cons of Continuing Education In Accounting Options

Accounting, finance, and law are among the most challenging disciplines.  From Enron to Madoff, the climate is getting increasingly more scandalous requiring professionals in these fields to face increasing ongoing education.  Even the new tax preparer’s license will be required to meet continuing education in accounting requirements. Whether or not you believe the new continuing education requirements for accountants will protect employees and investors from losses remains to be seen.  … [Read more...]

Creating a More Efficient and Secure Practice Through Client Portals

Since sending clients their tax returns via email is no longer an option, accountants are searching for alternatives to email communicating and collaborating with clients. Client portals offer a secure alternative with added benefits. Many firms are experiencing significant time savings and increased office efficiency through the use of client portals.  Not only does this help practitioners comply with federal and state regulations requiring encryption of sensitive information (like social … [Read more...]

Creating a Truly Paperless Office

If you're like me, you may have thought in the past that creating a paperless office means: 1. Using a traditional paper tax file to complete the tax prep process 2. At the end of the process, scan the tax file to make it "paperless" WRONG. While you may cut down on the document storage by "end scanning" your tax files, you are completely missing the benefits of becoming a truly paperless office.   First, you aren't benefiting from the efficiency paperless document management brings.   … [Read more...]

How To Conduct An Income Growth Strategy Session

growth tax time

During tax season, most CPA’s put in at least 60 hours of work each week. They don't have the ability to look at growth opportunities for their clients at this time. It’s an exhausting few months filled with tight deadlines, anxious clients and more often than not, too few hours in the day to get everything on the to-do list done. It’s not uncommon for the clients your CPA networks manage to request help growing their wealth during tax season. After all, for many, this is when they take a … [Read more...]

The Smartest Way To Clear Clutter

The conversation usually goes something like this: You: “What charitable contributions did you make this past year?” Your Client: “Hmmm. I donated the old couch to Goodwill sometime last fall. And in May I stopped by the Salvation Army to drop off four bags of clothes the kids outgrew.” You: “What was the value of that?” Your Client: “Oh I don’t know. They gave me a receipt but it was blank. They told me I should fill it in. What do you think it’s worth?” If you’re like many CPA’s … [Read more...]

21 Day Challenge Day 1

Welcome to the 21 day challenge!  Registering for the challenge is a smart move, but only a small percentage of the commitment if you want to make December your biggest cash flow month of the year! To start out this challenge right, you need to be intentional with your efforts and MAKE THE TIME you need to complete your mission.  I'm only asking 30 minutes per day for the next 3 weeks.  Do you accept? Your first assignment is to manage your calendar.  RIGHT NOW, go in and block off … [Read more...]

Tax Software Reviews

Top Tax Software Reviews If you have a tax advisor or accounting practice, you know that the tools you use are critical to your success. The right accounting resources and tools will let you provide your clients with the best possible service, help identify potential tax savings, and help you identify mistakes or missed opportunities. Yet, not all tax software is created equal. Some suites have greater functionality and features than others, and some are simply more-used in the … [Read more...]