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How To Make Your Relationships With CPAs Stronger

The average CPA firm services over 800 clients each year. Typically, advisors want to build relationships with a CPA with the hope of being introduced to those clients. But the reality is, most of these relationships produce less than 10 introductions each year (yes, really). Is it worth the time

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How To Eliminate The Rivalry With CPAs

Financial services companies have been competing with CPAs in the accounting and tax business for years. Many CPAs are or are in the process of becoming licensed investment advisors. As a Financial Advisor, you may find yourself avoiding a CPA who list financial services or specialty insurance licenses on their

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tax terms

Key Tax Terms You Need To Know To Win The Tax Game

Welcome back! This month we’re talking about all things tax related, including tax terms. If you missed our other posts this month, we invite you to check them out now. To learn how to choose the right entity, click here. To find out how you can take advantage of some

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Tax Obligations You Need To Know About

This month we’re talking about everybody’s favorite topic: taxes and tax obligations. We know, we know…it’s actually not your favorite topic, nonetheless, it’s a very important topic so it’s something we’ve got to address. If you missed our first two posts this month, make sure you check out our posts

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Surprising Tax Deductions For Financial Advisors

Last week we kicked off the month by giving you the information you need to decide which entity is best for you. This week, we want to talk about something that you might find to be a lot more fun—tax deductions! As a Financial Advisor, you can deduct your mileage

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growth tax time

How To Conduct An Income Growth Strategy Session

During tax season, most CPA’s put in at least 60 hours of work each week. They don’t have the ability to look at growth opportunities for their clients at this time. It’s an exhausting few months filled with tight deadlines, anxious clients and more often than not, too few hours

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CPA Schedule

How To Work Within A CPAs Schedule

As a financial advisor, it’s always good to expand your connections and try to create relationships with new CPAs. In order to do that, it’s important to keep in mind just how hectic tax season gets for CPAs. This will allow you to respect their time and give you the

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How To Get Noticed By CPA’s

Sometimes, financial advisors need to get a little creative in order to get the attention of the CPA’s that can refer boatloads of clients to them.  This month, we’re going share four creative strategies to do just that. And chances are, you’ve never considered any of them—until now. If there’s

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10 Ways To Connect With CPA’s On Social Media

Last week, we started this month’s blog series by sharing How To Get Noticed By CPA’s. This week, we’re going to help you learn how to use social media to connect with more CPA’s. 10 Ways To Connect With CPA’s On Social Media Look for CPA’s that your clients are

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