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Real Estate Tax Savings: Using a Property for Short-Term Rentals

Looking to invest in real estate? The many tax loopholes available can make this an attractive source of income—but first-time property owners may feel uncertain about taking advantage of these tax breaks. Rest assured that legitimate loopholes were intentionally created by the government to promote property ownership. By enticing taxpayers

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Ethical Concerns in Using Tax Planning Software

What are my ethical responsibilities when I use software to produce a tax plan? In the world of taxes, there are many ethical issues that can come into play. One area that involves judgment and expertise is when it comes to interpreting tax codes for various purposes such as taking

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IRS Turning Up the Heat on Reasonable Compensation Compliance

By Paul S. Hamann & Jack Salewski, CPA, CGMA Having a Reasonable Compensation figure that is “reasonable” isn’t enough anymore. With the IRS turning up the heat on Reasonable Compensation compliance [See IRS TECH TARGETS S CORP OFFICER COMPENSATION], having that figure backed up by a credible source and documented is

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