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Tax Blogs Can Help Your Tax Business

The world has changed. There was a time when all a tax business really needed to do was place an ad in the Yellow Pages, get those first few clients, and just sit back and watch the business roll in. Today, consumers are much less likely to open the yellow

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Client Relationship Management Tips

Tax professionals know that the most important part of the year is between December and April. That’s when you’re the busiest; that’s also when you make most of your money. In fact, the business you do during tax season will, in some cases, need to carry you through the rest

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How to Target Your Market

Successful tax professionals build a business around a specific target market. While you might offer tax services to a wide variety of types of clients, the most effective tax preparers will hone in on specific types. That doesn’t mean you reject business that doesn’t fit your target market, of course;

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Best Networking Groups for Accountants

Participating in a networking group can be a tremendous boon for an accountant. Not only will you find opportunities for partnerships and meet colleagues, but you’ll also hone your accounting skills and keep your knowledge current. Yet, finding the best networking groups can be a challenge. Some groups may have

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Dress Professionally to Close the Deal

Growing your tax business means closing sales, and that’s something that doesn’t happen by accident. Every decision you make when visiting a client or a potential client either increases or decreases the odds that you’ll close the sale. In today’s increasingly casual world, your professional dress can make a big

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Accounting Website Design: Getting Found

Guest Post By: By Brian O’Connell At some point, some of us will notice a bothersome little itch that says: time to find an accountant I really like. Your connection to an accountant has a lot to do with chemistry, which will only be clear once you’ve met. But, there

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3-Step Formula on How to Get Referrals

Last week I wrote about a magic three-step system for doubling your referrals. Why? Most tax business owners tell us that referrals are your single most important source of new clients. But, few of you make a point of asking for those referrals — effectively — and fewer still have

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7 Tips From The NFL For Building Strategic Alliances

Every year, before stepping foot on the field, every NFL team spends hours (yes, really) going over their playbook. Each team member studies and studies each play until they know every single one by heart. When the team huddles and the quarterback calls the play, every player immediately knows exactly

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Financial Planning for Lawyers

As a financial advisor, you probably work with people across a ton of different professions, right? From lawyers and doctors to business owners and CEOs, your title and your reputation can get you in the door with just about anyone. But once you’re in the door, what are you bringing

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