Accounting Website Design: Getting Found

Guest Post By: By Brian O'Connell At some point, some of us will notice a bothersome little itch that says: time to find an accountant I really like. Your connection to an accountant has a lot to do with chemistry, which will only be clear once you've met. But, there are ways to tell whether an accounting firm is going to be professional and client-centered. The best of these is with CPA websites for accountants. Looking at your potential new accountant's website will tell you a lot … [Read more...]

History of Taxes

Did you know President Abraham Lincoln, one of America's most beloved leaders, also instituted one of its least liked obligations - the income tax? In this brief history of taxes, see the historical events which shaped income taxes in the United States today. Thanks Turbo Tax for sharing this resource! History of Taxes Source: via Checkpoint on Pinterest … [Read more...]

Task Tracking- Improving Workflow

Task Tracking Any successful accounting firm is built on the effectiveness of its time and billing process. Tracking tasks is the most pertinent step in this process. There are times when it’s difficult to see the importance of tracking everything that goes on in the office. Task tracking may even seem like micro-managing but there is a purpose to tracking what owners and staff spend their time on. We often marginalize what we spend our time on and tout, "I value bill everything, I … [Read more...]

Take Your Blog Into the Future With Video

Last month, I had the opportunity to interview John Pollock Certified Tax Coach in Dallas, Texas.  John has built a phenomenal video blogging system at his website  We discussed why VLOGGING is the wave of the future and what you can do to catch it! DM: You’ve invested over $50,000 and hundreds of hours creating over 500 posts in the last 3 years.  Why? JP: Simple.  Because it IS the future.  Wayne Gretzky says, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Use QuickBooks Hosting

by Kacee Johnson of Cloud 9 Real Time Bookkeeping There is a myriad of reasons to move to the Cloud and utilize QuickBooks hosting solutions. Here are our Top 10 reasons and we think David Letterman would be proud… 10.  Work Anytime, Anywhere 9.      No more sending Accountant’s Copies back and forth 8.      Automatic offsite backups 7.      Full Desktop version in a multi-user environment (not like limited QuickBooks Online) 6.      Disaster Recovery Plan 5.    You don’t … [Read more...]