June 2021

Taking Advantage of Passive Losses

Over the last two weeks we have outlined a strategy to intentionally fail the test for material participation, for purposes of converting non-passive income to passive income. Why might we want to do that? The first and most obvious reason is to save self-employment tax. A second reason you might want to do that is …

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The Section 1244 Small Business Stock Loophole

This week’s blog focuses on a loophole to the $3,000 deduction on capital loss losses. Businesses don’t always go as people hope they will. Unfortunately, in the last year we’ve seen a lot of struggle. Many businesses in specific industries, including food and entertainment, have had to close their doors. For business owners and entrepreneurs, …

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Defining Material Participation

If you haven’t looked at last week’s blog (“Reclassifying Non-Passive Income”), we suggest you do that first. Last week, we focused on classifying activities as either passive or non-passive. This week, we want to look at the rules of material participation. When intentionally trying to recharacterize income from non-passive to passive, we need to prove …

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