November 2016

6 Ways To Decrease Business Expenses

The clarity and direction CPA’s derive from analyzing financial statements is powerful. Their ninja number-crunching skills are something many of your entrepreneurial clients simply don’t have. If you don’t shine in this area yourself, consider this your lucky day. You’ve just identified a new way to build win-win relationships with the clients you love and …

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Must-Have Marketing Resources

You may not realize this, but unlike a lot of financial advisors like yourself, most CPA’s we talk with absolutely HATE marketing. They see it as time-consuming, confusing, expensive and often, difficult to quantify—and that’s exactly why it never ranks a spot on their top ten list of “favorite things to do.” The problem is, …

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Four Ways To Increase Cashflow In A Business

Do you know, I mean really, really know what worries your entrepreneurial clients more than anything else? No, it’s not their competitors. Nor is it staffing. Or operations or many of the other things you may have thought about. The #1 thing that keeps entrepreneurs up at night is money. They’re worried sick that they …

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